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SERVITETOP INC. is a company with over 20 years of experience in the Epoxy Flooring industry. We apply all our knowledge and experience to every job we perform, thus guaranteeing the results expected by our clients by delivering impeccable looking and durable epoxy floors. Our floors are installed for heavy traffic and are oil, dirt and detergent resistant.

Whether you require industrial level floors for your facility or home garage, we use the same durable products and installation techniques that we have mastered over time and real first hand experience. Our epoxy coatings provide more than just a tough and beautiful finish; they provide additional protection to concrete whenever applied the right way by our team of trained installers.

"Our Mission" To provide top-notch industrial grade epoxy floors that are both durable and beautiful, to provide high quality epoxy products for the concrete coating industry and to give solutions in the maintenance and application of epoxy systems, offering professional advice according to the clients’ needs. To work closely with all our clients and suppliers in order to be always up to date with the latest technology in concrete preparation and coating.

"Our Vision" To become an expert leader in the field of epoxy systems, and be recognized as the best option for Polymeric Flooring projects in all the different markets: Industrial, Commercial and Domestic, always learning, improving and evolving.