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June 29, 2020
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SV Antibacterial

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For: Automotive, Bathroom, Cook Top, Hard Floor, Kitchen, Outdoor, Oven/Grill, Toilet.



✓ Cleaner

✓ Deodorant

✓ Antibacterial

ANTIBACTERIAL:This Aromatherapeutic and concentrate handy germ-buster is made with a formula that is tough on grease and grime and easy on surfaces.

Clean + Antibacterial Formula is the first deep-cleaner formula on the market designed to clean and control odor-causing bacteria. great to use inside or outside areas like: Trash, Garage, kitchen, Laundry, Drain, Bathroom, sanitation of all areas, counters, cars , Trucks, patio, pet areas and more.

Uses: Pure or in water dilution 2 OZ per gallon of water. This is the first formula to control odor-causing bacteria while it cleans. Odors are eliminated at the source, leaving your home clean and smelling fresh.

Made with pure essential oils & Quaternary Ammonium Cation & Cloruro of Benzalconio  Sanitizante.


• Product Form: Liquid

• non-toxic, naturally derived, biodegradable formulas

• kills over 99.9% of household bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces

• 100% recycled plastic bottles

• never tested on animals 

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